Welcome aboard the new vassel....

sail with us to discover the treasures of Made In Bluelines...

the crew will accompany you on the journey!!!

Here we are!!!
What can I say to start? ... .... we studied it, we read everything about it, ci informed ourselfs from the best race specialists, we went around the best breeders and many shows to see and judge him, but only the moment that we met her, and after falling in love with her, we understood.... what we wanted.... Thank you CHOPITA BLUES for giving us the possibility to enter in the Amstaff world!!! She is the dog that we started with our adventure inside this fantastic world, and the dog that will give us the basis to continue.... For us dogs are PASSION, HAPPINESS and FUN, exactly what she gives us everyday since she became part of our family... . We don't want to breed just to do it... but we want to create a big family of friends, dogs and humans, to exchange opinions and advices.

We want to surround ourselfs of people that think like us and that live there own dog the way we live every single breath of our sherere dogs close and far... All this brings many sacrifices everyday in educating them, respecting them and loving them. Sacrifices that we forget about when our dogs look at us and express everything that there breed asks ( fidelity, intelligence and exuberance), they run towards us and they fill us up with sweetness; only in that moment we will have reached our objective !!!!!!

Bluelines Amstaff

Not all treasures are gold or silver

  • Bluelines - Olgiate Comasco

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  • ++39 338-244.86.37

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