...Egli sarà tuo, fedele e sincero fino all'ultimo battito del suo cuore. Ciò che tu gli devi è di meritare tanta devozione. Italiano English


I can't understand why and i can't give me a reason.. i knew that this moment had to come but i didn't know when. The angel of paradise has decided the day and i couldn't make anything..


Now your are at His side and not at mine.. Loyal partner of a lots of adventures even if we spent so few time together for living everything, we have gone away with your photo of your happy and sweet expression with the certainty of coming back for others caresses.. when we came back you were gone..The night falled on your eyes and a light has turned off in our heart.. we can't find peace..
We miss you sweet Angel..
forever and ever your family

Ale and little Fabry.....and your grandparents


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