...Egli sarà tuo, fedele e sincero fino all'ultimo battito del suo cuore. Ciò che tu gli devi è di meritare tanta devozione. Italiano English

Kennel ????

Our kennel is our home, and of course our dog's home.
Our dogs are all tested against genetic diseases, every single one passed the HD test and the DNA one, giving you the warranty of healthness for them and future puppies.
We chose the couples based on the behaviour, the morphology and the pedigree of the two candidates.

We believe in the natural course of events, but sometimes a little help is needed especially when the female dog is not cooperating.We don't scare her or tie her to force the mating (as some breeders unfortunately do). To obtain the result we want, we prefer to go (in this kind of situations) with the artificial insemination.
Once the "job is done", the puppies will grow in a real family, with every attention they need and in a clean and comfortable home. (hey...it's our home afterall!)
They will soon get used to the kids as Fabrizio will start playing with them right away.
Every person intrested in owning one of them, is free to come for a visit or for a choice.


They will be given away NOT BEFORE the 60° day, with a free Kit Puppy to get things started the best way.

We like to know the people who will get our dogs.
We breed at an amateur level, therefore the puppies are not delivered often and they are made following our criteria, preserving the Ruffian bloodline wich is the oldest and most renowned one.

To make a good dog, you don't need many of them, but you need passion and devotion.
More than that, you need to be completely "trend free" and keep walking on your path.

"...There is a big difference between a breeder and a selector, we call it PASSION!"

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